Board of Directors

L&J Investment’s Board of Directors consists of its founders, Leif Biureborgh and Joseph Okito. Through its board, L&J Investment has unrivaled high-level relations with Southern African governments, and possesses expertise and experience in navigating the complex political scene in countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola. The founders have more than 35 years of experience of conducting business and operating locally.

Chairman of the Board

Leif BiureBorgh

Leif Biureborgh is a Swedish national who has been active in Angola since the mid-70s. Leif Biureborgh initiated his activities with the independence of Angola 1975 as advisor to the Angolan government in close cooperation with the Swedish government, which produced a massive reintroduction of both Volvo and Scania trucks on the Angolan market, which made Volvo the market leader in Angola until presently. He is a Resident of Angola and has served as an invaluable liaison between the growths markets of Sub-Saharan Africa and Scandinavian political and business interest since the inception of Angola as an independent country.

Vice-Chairman of the Board

Joseph Okito

Joseph Okito is a Congolese national who holds a master degree in Finance (Business School of Lyon – France), and a special education from the Imperial College London in funding options and financial evaluation of mineral projects, a solid background in commodities hedging and trading acquired in the Suez Group (Union Minière) and a proven management skill in mining operations as Chief Operational Officer in the Swedish Group (IGE). Joseph Okito’s political and business network originates from the very highest levels in his native DRC reaching the position of President of the Diamond Corporation in 2000, and covers large parts of the Sub-Saharan region in Africa.