Consulting and Business Development

One of the main missions of our local offices is to become a one stop shop of potential local partners and clients but also the consulting reference of the Southern African States that intend to establish or to finance a public / private development project. Our role will be to identify Nordic companies with plans to relocate or expand internationally, approach them and convince the decision-makers to choose Angola, DRC or São Tomé and Príncipe, the gate to the Gulf of Guinea. L&J Investment AB holds a team of specialist consultants carrying out targeted marketing campaigns and design business concept tailored to sustainable development needs throughout the year, all focused on strategic sectors of excellence. L&J Investment’s local offices intend to become a communication and exhibition marketing hub where Nordic competitiveness cluster could mark their permanent presence in strategic areas and promote their economic and technological image.

Our merits

  • To ensure to Nordic organizations the success of their business setup by lowering their implementation costs.
  • Renting our meeting space or a temporary office location with a business administration and logistic support.
  • Outsourcing administrative and immigration procedures, recruitment services of local staff, import services of goods and equipment during the mobilization phase, arranging of real estate contracts.
  • Widening local customers and partners through our special networks and coordinating of marketing campaigns.
  • Providing a personalized growing business support package of guidance through each stage.
  • Removing regulatory burdens that prevent firms from functioning efficiently.
  • Negotiating competitive business investment incentives for Nordic companies with the Government.

Basically, L&J Investment AB is organized into three divisions:

Enterprise Division

This division provides practical support to Nordic companies during key phases of their implementation phase and growth in the country. The division comprises 2 teams:

  • A team of market sector managers, to define business development strategies (identification of market segments and target sectors, methods of approaching project) and implement these strategies in close collaboration with State Investment Agencies and relevant Ministries or Province Governments.
  • A team of consultants in charge of inward investment, to help project leaders identify the range of services required to make their implementation of Nordic companies a success. The team either provides these services itself or arranges them through specialist service providers. Depending on what is required, the services can include searching for a location, information about the marketplace, logistics issues, clarification of the legal or tax implications, help with staff recruitment or immigration service assistance.

Strategic Division for Sustainable Development

Its task is to promote the host country’s sustainable development areas, and to help Scandinavian companies adapt offers to outperform international competition. This division comprises 4 units:

  • An Economic and Information Unit, which gathers market or customers intelligence and provides information that is directly relevant to targeted sectors activities. It also produces technical documents in close collaboration with the Southern African Ministries (in the form of Key Figures and Economic News)  to be dispatched to Nordic countries through our office in Stockholm.
  • A Promotion Unit, to gather information from businesses and host country’s business areas to help clarify and promote local offer of public / private partnership offers.
  • A Sustainable Development Unit, to make sustainable development a component of the local economic offer based on international standards criteria.
  • An Attractiveness Unit, to coordinate and oversee Attractiveness Action Plan in cooperation with State Investment Agencies. It also implements some of the plan’s cross-functional initiatives.

Strategic Marketing and communication Division

This division involves developing Southern Africa – Nordic business relationship, positioning and image, and defining powerful promotional campaigns to appeal to specific targets, primarily international entrepreneurs and economic opinion leaders (particularly Nordic media). The division will design the form and content of all communications tools aimed at promoting economic attractiveness to a Nordic audience such as brochures, magazines, the website and multimedia tools of suggested public / private partnership. It will devise and implement public relations campaigns, handles press relations, organizes promotional events and takes part in trade shows in Stockholm for consolidating the initiatives of African provinces or ministries.

Meeting and Exhibition Industry Division

This division acts as an interface between the Nordic business community of a specific industry (trade shows and events) and the authorities, and carries out specific actions in cooperation with ministries, provinces and governments through international promotion, support for the launch of new events that will take place in the capital town of the host country to help the industry or manufacturers to face the challenges of existing international competition.