L&J Investment’s Responsibility in Society

As a venture catalyst and investment company whose services consist of designing business concepts, conducting business development, creating investment bridges between Southern African private partners or States entities and Nordic investors, mobilizing high-ranked Nordic technical partners for operating projects, structuring project finance with international banks and investment funds, our work with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to establish the “Sustainable Development” as the base of the company’s business and to always be the common denominator in our business relationships with our partners.

Through all our employees’ expertise and long experience in challenging cultural, economical, political and human resources environments based on the historical background of Southern African emerging markets, L&J offers long term growth and profitable solutions that contribute to societal development from ecological and social perspectives. This means that L&J is a player that is constantly engaged in and actively influences development through projects that we identify and materialize. Guiding principles of our vision and mission are to become the most respected and reliable investment catalyst firm in Southern Africa through projects in environment, waste management, renewable energy, mining activities and oil & gas sectors promoting equitable and sustainable development.

L&J complies with applicable laws and regulations and other requirements relating to activities of the countries where L&J acts and monitors their application in all our projects. We follow the Code of Ethics and Guidelines of international trade association FIDIC and ORGALIME SE01 and operate under the principles of UN Global Compact and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

All managers and employees are required to access the content of the policy and guidelines and to follow it, and to work with customers and partners also applying these principles. The CEO is ultimately responsible for insuring the monitoring of the CSR policy and its enforcement through internal or external audits.

Business Ethics

L&J’s business model is based on simplicity and customer focus with the goal to make it easy and transparent to do business with L&J. The business model means that each employee has responsibility. Employees must not have assignments that might conflict with L&J’s interests. No employee may use their position for personal gain at the company’s, customer’s or partner’s expense.

L&J will not accept corruption, bribery or unlawful anti-competitive actions. No L&J employees shall, directly or indirectly, solicit or accept improper payments or other form of improper gifts. Nor shall any L&J, directly or indirectly, offer payment or other form of compensation that can be regarded as unfair to people, organizations or companies.

Confidential information contained received from customers and other third parties are treated and protected in the same way as L&J’s confidential information. The handling of confidential information is governed by the company’s communications policy as well as in L&J’s policy for IT security and always in agreement with our customers.

Quality and Environment

L&J only engages itself in projects that foresee the implementation of strict environmental mitigation procedures and measures such as environmental impact assessment, environmental audit and if needed corrective environmental action plans. Related works of consulting companies shall always be supported by a business system certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and a communication plan for raising the awareness of surrounding communities shall always be put in place.

It is L&J’s policy to strive to ensure that all aspects of provided services have the least harmful effect on the environment by implementing an environmental management system to comply with environmental legislation of customer’s countries and ensure that regulatory requirements are met and, if necessary, improved upon international standards, by paying attention to the selection of non-polluting technology, waste minimization, the recycling of material used by our technical partners and by suggesting integrated solutions of CO2 emissions reduction and cost efficient energy performance.

Each L&J employee is responsible for offering services and delivering solutions to customers with high quality and with high environmental standards combined with appropriate training programs.

Employees Development

L&J promotes equal rights, diversity and opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion and sexual orientation. Wage differentials should not occur with work of equal value if it cannot be justified, and everyone should be given the same opportunities for development within their work area and in the further development into new areas.

L&J will not tolerate violations of human rights and child labor in any part of its own operations or in any technical partner, customer, and does not allow illegal work and work under duress.

L&J sees a good working and ergonomic environment as an asset within the company where employees develop, thrive and feel comfortable both physically and mentally based on values of a fair company code of conduct such as dialogue, collaboration, trust, respect, welfare and safety.