We Create Business

L&J Investment’s core business areas are Environment, Hydropower, Oil & Gas and funding options of mining activities. We create business opportunities based on identified projects or request of our local partners turning opportunity into profitable and sustainable operations. With the support of high-ranked Nordic technical partners selected by us, we develop or operate the project taking a commercial margin or direct participation in the project.

Based on its long experience and through a high political and valuable business network of its local offices in Southern Africa, L&J Investment AB provides also consulting and business development services to Nordic companies or investors from the identification of local partners or clients, the market strategy to the implementation of operations in Angola or DRC.

Considering the increasing competition in this emerging market, L&J Investment AB is launching the idea of a competitiveness cluster with the aim of bringing together Nordic businesses from a vast spectrum of activities of diverse economic sectors driven by their R&D strength for implementing innovative projects, trading high-tech technology, creating research centers or training bodies to stimulate the emergence of business opportunities within the framework of a cooperation between the Southern African public sector and private Nordic enterprises.